French fries production line is fully automatic which is easy to operate and the equipment of the line is made of stainless steel that is easy to clean and meets hygienic standards. Our french fries production line completely adopted for different kind of production lines with adding or removing different parts, includes; french fries production, frozen french fries production and also potato chips production. That is mean the production line’s manufacturing ability is also available for potato chips and frozen french fries. Feel free to contact us to getting offer and more information about our french fries production line.


  • Washing: The first stage of the production of french fries is washing, and the impurities such as stones and soil adhering to the surface of the potato are washed away by water at room temperature.

  • Peeling: In the second stage, the peeling machine of the french fries production line is continuous, and the peeling effect is achieved by rubbing with a carborundum roller, and then the residue is brushed off with a brush wheel.

  • Slicing: Cutting machine is a machine for slicing potatoes for desired size. With the principle of centrifugation, the potato chips can be cut to the required thickness quickly and accurately. The equipment is light and easy to operate. The same slicer can produce a variety of products by using the replaceable knife module to cut out different shapes of products.

Process of French Fries Production Line
  • Starch Washing: The water of the starch washing machine can be recycled, and the export is transported with water and sprayed again to improve the quality of the potato chips.

  • Frying: The potato chips are fried at a stable oil temperature and evenly presented in golden yellow color. The continuous fryer is equipped with PLC touch operation. The screen can set and display the frying temperature and time, and with multiple safety devices to ensure the personal safety and equipment functions of the devices.

  • Freezing: After the frying and de-oiling section the chips comes to this part of the line. This part is the optional for producing frozen french fries. Prepared potatoes freezing here about 20 mins. before they goes to next part of the line.

  • Seasoning: The seasoning powder is quantitatively sent to the seasoning drum by a screw device, and the potato chips are uniformly mixed with the seasoning powder by the rotation of the seasoning drum to increase the flavor of the product.
Process of French Fries Production Line


  1. Feeding Conveyor

    Conveyor equipment for transport the raw materials to washing system.

  2. Washing System

    Washing off impurities such as stones and dirt on the surface of the potato.

  3. Peeling Machine

    Machine for peeling of raw materials before slicing or cutting.

  4. Cutting Machine

    Machine for cutting the raw materials into the desired size.

FFPL - 01

French Fries Production Machinery

  1. Frying Machine

    Final shaped raw materials comes to this machine for frying before flouring.

  2. De-Oiling Machine

    Oil drain machine for separate oils from potato chips.

  3. Freezing Machine

    The equipment for freezing the potato chips in short time.

  4. Seasoning Machine

    Flouring machine for shaped and fried chips according to desired taste.

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