Frying machine is a device for frying various products such as potato chips, peanuts, broad beans and snack pellet chips. The machine is adopts the oil water mixed technology and it can fry various kinds of products at the same time and there is no taste mixture between each other. Our frying machine can be used for both small and medium food processing enterprises and also the machine can save 50% oil and 40% electricity.

Benefits of Frying Machine

Stainless steel, up to health standard , easy to clean.

High quality fried food with nice appearance, uniform color, and tender texture.

Save labor, energy and create more benefits.

Economical and practical, superior quality and competitive price.

Technical Specifications of Cutting Machine


Capacity -
Power 27 kW/380V
Weight 210kg
Overall Dimensions 1600X1050X1200 mm


Capacity -
Power 9 kW/380V
Weight 60kg
Overall Dimensions 80x620x930 mm

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