Freezing machine is device for refrigerating potato chips, french fries and snack pellet chips to keep original taste and prevent bacteria growth. Freezing machine also can be used for vegetables and ready meals food. Freezing machine is widely applied in food production industry and adopts with the requirements of world environmental protection standard. Feel free to contact us to getting offer and more information about our freezing machine.

Benefits of Freezing Machine

Stainless steel, up to health standard , easy to clean.

Compact structure, smaller floor area and convenient for installation.

Save labor, energy and create more benefits.

Economical and practical, superior quality and competitive price.

Technical Specifications of Freezing Machine


Capacity 50 Kg/h
Power 7,5kW/
Weight -
Overall Dimensions 2x2x2 m
Feeding Temp. +15 °C
Discharging Temp. -18 °C
Rated Refrigerating Capacity 5900 W
* The determination condition of rated refrigerating capacity: evaporating temperature; -40 °C; condensing temperature +35 °C
**The refrigerating temp. is adjustable between 30-60 mins.

Feel free to contact us to get more information about our freezing machine.

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